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Nestle Kitkat

  • Scope: The viewer is teleported to the serene locals of Munnar with first of its kind immersive VR experience ever made in India using 360 degree stereoscopic video and ambisonic sound. Conforming with the advertising campaign of Kit Kat - ‘My Travel Break’, VR proved to be the best tool to maximize the engagement with their target audience.

Nestle Kitkat - KitKat #MyTravelBreak

Project Detail

Who does not know the taste of Nestle KitKat? It is one of the most celebrated chocolate wafer brands in the world.

One of the largest advertising companies, JWT, came to us with the idea of creating a Travel Break experience for KitKat’s campaign #MyTravelBreak. We ideated an experience that would take the viewers through the expanse, culture, and feel of Munnar, Kerala. Using the YiHalo and Jump assembler ecosystem, we shot and delivered a 3D Stereoscopic VR ad film in a week.

The video was exhibited on the YouTube masthead and received close to 14.5Million views in a day.


HCL Chennai

  • Scope: VR was used to create flexibility to visit and navigate through the HCL innovative lab in Chennai from anywhere in the world without being there physically. And also allowed the clients/visitors to do the required checks with the interactive features embedded in it.

HCL Innovation Garage

Project Detail

How does one infuse the physical world with the digital world? This question was brought to us by the client. We provided them end-to-end solutions by ideating, executing and deploying an interactive VR Experience of their Innovation Lab. This is a one-of film which was a mix of Live VR and an entire 4 minute CG Experience where the user can move and explore their lab. The CG experience was a replica of their Data Center which had various servers and pods. We illustrated these from paper to the screen.

This experience was deployed for HTC Vive. An Android App is available to view the experience in VR.



  • Scope: To provide guided VR tour to their potential clients, showcasing the Capgemini office, showcasing the points of interest and work culture with augmented reality.

Capgemini - Applied Innovation Exchange VR tour

Project Detail

Capgemini is a leader in Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing around the world.

The hero of this project was Barry, our motion bot. To capture some fine movement based perspectives, we shot the Capgemini Innovation Centre in all its glory. We staged live meetings, conferences and background action to provide the viewer the right information and the vibrant working culture at the centre. With our expertise in post-processing, we adhered to the compact deadlines and managed to stitch seamless motion shots in all of 2 weeks.


Sony Supersonic 2017

  • Scope: Entertain the festival revelars during the festival using VR and AR technology. Online deployment of the festival gave an opportunity to the patrons, to be a part of the festival from anywhere in the world incase they missed it. And also give a choice to revisit it anytime they want to.


Project Detail

Vh1 SuperSonic is India's premium EDM destination with a strong sense of belonging and great community vibe. Viacom18 wanted to engage the crowd by incorporating Virtual Reality and Augmented reality experience during the three-day festival.

VR Highlights & Making of the Festival

VR Highlights & Making of the Festival

We captured the essence of Supersonic,through VR After-movie. Apart from this, we were able to deliver VR highlights of Day 1, 2 and 3 before the crowd poured in each day.To create a theme of Supersonic around the after-movie, we added VFX and Special effects to this VR experience.


Project Detail

Our Augmented Reality booth turned out to be a real crowd puller. A Kinect based experience where a viewer is transformed into a unique Supersonic avatar. As the crowd was loving the experience, we captured their reactions to create a short video for Viacom's social media page. This, along with screen-shots captured by Kinect, we're promoted by Viacom's social media team.

VR Highlights & Making of the Festival VR Highlights & Making of the Festival VR Highlights & Making of the Festival
VR Highlights & Making of the Festival VR Highlights & Making of the Festival VR Highlights & Making of the Festival


More than a third of the crowd witnessed making of the stage and other VR experiences while they were at the venue. AR booth had close to 4000 footfall over the period of three days. First time ever a music festival of this scale implemented Virtual reality. First VR after-movie for any music festival in India. We helped the marketing team to create a buzz across social media.


We custom built 5000 Google Cardboards with Supersonic theme and distributed it at the event. This was a real eye turner as the crowd was able to go back in time and "Experience the New".


Sony Super Dancer

  • Scope: Present the finalist of the popular show - Sony Super Dancer in a most unforgettable and entertaining way. Three finalist were shown dancing individually on the same stage at the same time only because of the 360 degree VR technology.


Project Detail

Sony Entertainment Television is one of the leading Indian (Hindi) entertainment channels predominantly catering to the all age groups with a weekly viewership of about Four Hundred Eighty Million.

The objective was to make a 360 degree video for one of its most popular shows Super Dancer, making it a seamless spherical stage for an extremely immersive viewing experience.

We designed a concept for one of a kind 360 degree video, wherein, we replicated the stage on all sides with different light settings and making it a seamless spherical stage with these contestants dancing on three sides of the camera. A custom built DSLR rig was built for the project to deliver highest quality imagery. Such a unique concept required maintaining strict timelines for the beginning and the end of individual performances by the contestants. To match up with the energy of the performances we implemented a spinning type transition which was quite challenging for the post production team, the reason being; there is no support for such method of transition provided by any post production software till date.

The Result

The results were astonishing. The unique 360 degree Super Dancer video scored over 700,000 views on Facebook, making it one of the most viewed video on Sony's Facebook page.

Super Dancer is an Indian kids dance reality show which airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

We created a seamless spherical stage with the contestants dancing on three quadrants of 120. We followed the smoothest workflow to capture their performances without compromising on the production quality.

We shot the video in one hour and matched up the overall energy of the performances. We created a spinning transition which was quite challenging, the reason being; there is no support for such method of transition provided by any post production software till date.


AIS Glass

  • Scope: A VR App was designed and deployed on all platforms to let users explore the different shades and patterns of glass offered by AIS.

Asahi India Glass is a part of Asahi Glass co. which is the largest glass company in the world.

We designed and deployed a VR app which lets users explore the different shades and patterns of glass offered by AIS.

Keeping in-sync with AIS’s theme of experiencing glass, we designed interior and exterior locations in VR where the user can test out variating shades of the glass. We placed the glasses in divergent areas of each space in order to highlight the superior quality of the glasses and the value it adds to the overall aesthetics.


Mahindra XUV 500

  • Scope: VR technology was used to create a simulation of a driving experience in the cab of Mahindra XUV 500 and highlighting its product features during the drive using AR technology.

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational car manufacturing corporation. It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers by production in India.

Collaborating with an advertising agency 22 Feet Tribal, we created a virtual drive experience of Mahindra’s new XUV W9, showcasing its interiors and advanced features.

We created a passenger-seat experience of Mahindra’s latest release. We portrayed this by presenting the perspective of a person driving through picturesque locations around Mahabaleshwar.


GMR Airport city

  • Scope: To create a VR experience of the future airport city to present it to GMR's investors and advisors.


Project Detail

GMR Group is an infrastructural company headquartered in Bengaluru. The company was founded in 1978 by Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao. Employing the Public Private Partnership model, the Group has implemented several infrastructure projects in India.

The objective was to create a VR experience of the future airport city to present it to GMR's investors and advisors.

With our super efficient CG team, we successfully met the deadline of project. More than ten 3D's max artist work on project to execute such massive scale of project. We used 120 computer in render farm to render the 130 sec of architectural CG. We created infographics in video so investors could get detailed information about the future city. The reason behind creating this VR experience was to get investment for future airport city. So, we also made a VR app on android, IOS & samsung gear platform. With the use of this, the client could reach as many as investor nationally & internationally.

The Result

The event had more than 300 investors from all around the world. The VR experience was well appreciated by the attendees and especially by the higher management of GMR group.


Bharat ane nenu

  • Scope: Teleport the audience to the sets of the film and give them a chance to see their favourite star Mahesh Babu in action - shooting for the song ‘Vacchadayyio Samuo’.

Bharat ane nenu - Making of Vachaadayyo saami song in 6K

Project Detail

For the promotions of Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu’s film Bharat Ane Nenu.

Enormous sets, hundreds of dancers, artists, lights, camera and VR. This was the scene at Hyderabad’s shoot location where we had to capture the Making of the song Vacchadayyio Samu. The major challenge for us was to create an ambience for the viewer where they could watch their favorite star perform and at the same time, capture entertaining shots from the shoot venue. We had all of 8 hours, half a shift and a week to deliver this project. To say the least, we thrived.

This video gathered more than 300k views on YouTube and introduced audiences (who would never have experienced 360) to appreciate the medium.


HCL Walkthrough

  • Scope: VR was used to provide an innovative way to design their communication strategy and enhance their presence at various events to attract investors and generate curiosity amongst company enthusiasts.


Project Detail

HCL Technologies is among the top 20 largest publicly traded companies in India with a market capitalisation of $22.1 billion as of May 2015. As of August 2015, the company, along with its subsidiaries, had a consolidated revenue of $6.0 billion.

HCL was looking for an innovative way to design their communication strategy and enhance their presence at various events to attract investors and generate curiosity amongst company enthusiasts.

Liminal worked in an agency format to provide end to end solution to HCL Technologies. A systematic format, right from generating ideas and developing the script to building the storyboard for HCL's 360 degree corporate video was followed. While shooting narrator in 360 space, another DSLR camera was set up close to the 360 camera rig to record and monitor the expressions of the narrator. We also used one of a kind infographics with futuristic look and feel this was designed in such a way to guide the viewer's attention in the 360 space and following the nature of the brand.

The Result

The VR experience was showcased in Sweden and Boston investors meet where it got a lot of appreciation from analysts, investors and enthusiasts. The video is also available online on HCL's official website (link: https://www.hcltech.com/geo-presence/india )


Chennai Documentary

  • Scope: To give the viewer a feeling of being present in Chennai and witness the floods and its aftermath in reality.
  • Produced by: Liminal

Chennai 2015 Flood aftermath 360 film

The Objective

Chennai Floods 2015 Aftermath is a Documentary filmed in 360o format that tells the story of the floods that occurred on December 2015 in Chennai, India. The documentary emphasis on the impact, rescue and the reason for the floods. This is the first 8K 360o documentary from India made on for humanitarian purpose.

The Challenge

This was an issue which was not only emotional but had also created destruction in the city. So, we decide to push our limits in-terms of quality and production, wanting to make it very connected to the audiences. We decide make this documentary in 8K. This was the first documentary from india which is in 8K, where others are still juggling with the 4K. To make the content in 8K we had to take a completely different approach in post production.

The Solution

In collaboration with Vasan Charitable Trust and Vikatan TV, we tried to generate awareness among the people with this documentary. The film encourages to surge the viewers to directly support the relief by visiting.

The Result

This was India's first documentary in 8K VR. The documentary was able to raise funds for the charitable trust and it was well appreciated by the people of Chennai especially by the Chief of natural disaster response force for Liminal's efforts to shoot the documentary at the time when the city was struggling with the basic needs such as transportation, food and water.


Gol gumbaz

  • Scope: Give a tour of the historical, heritage site to people across the world emphasising its cultural significance, architecture and unique features.

Gol Gumbaz VR Experience

Project Detail

VR is the best way to break away from reality and experience any place, monument or location in the world. We thought of adding in a little more informational attempt to this treatment, by crafting the Gol Gumbaz VR experience.

Gol Gumbaz is a magnificent from the Indo-Islamic architectural era that is known for its unique dimensional structure. We couldn't think of a better 'untouched' gem to showcase the intricate details that contribute to its significance in Indian History. Exchange of information and revisiting history becomes more exciting in the sphere of VR. This marks its potential as one the best fun and easy learning tool!


Ferrero Rocher

  • Agency: As required by the agency 360 degree panoramic stills with high production value were delivered for Ferrero Rochers Diwali Campaign.
  • Glitch is a full-service creative agency that came to us seeking a solution to shoot a 360 Panoramic still for Ferrero Rochers Diwali Campaign.

360 Panography

Project Detail

Who doesn't know the taste of Ferrero? The brand signifies perfection and excellence in quality. We had to design a still that reflected these features while celebrating the spirit of Diwali. We created a unique workflow that would decreased inaccuracies in attaining visual quality. We captured the space with a DSLR from three different angles. We did this so that we could illuminate certain areas to add cinematic quality to the aesthetics of the set and its art direction. We placed external lighting equipments which are hidden from the periphery of the viewer. Our VR cinematographers and directors used their keen eye to detail to craft out some stunning panoramas.



  • Agency: Sensation White - an electronic dance and music event organized by ID&T in Hyderabad, India 2016 was recorded in 360 degree, immersive, VR for their audience across the globe to relive it and dance the night away anytime again.

3D 360 VR

Project Detail

Working with My choices foundation required a partnership with the best VR team from London and the best equipment available right now. It also required update in our post-production process and the approach for stereoscopic VR imagery. The documentary was released in January 2017, aimed to spread awareness about serious issues likesex trafficking.


BBC stuntwoman

Immersive Virtual Reality allows for minimal cinematic bluffs, lending itself as the perfect tool to display the risks involved in a stuntwomen's profession.

BBC stuntwoman chronicles the journey of two young Indian women who are trying to make their mark in the male dominated profession of stunts.

Anam a 23 year old biker from Lucknow and Geeta a 32 year old film stunt artist from Mumbai have had their own share of struggle at every step of their lives, right from financial difficulties to society’s judgment.

Nonetheless these two brave women have marched ahead unfazed and proven that there is no job a woman can’t do as good as men.

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