We are based out of Mumbai and host a creative agency that produces solutions and content in Augmented Reality and Virtual reality. In an effort to innovate the way world communicates, we began with a small team and large aspirations of expanding the horizon of AR and VR in India.

The will to generate the best content, won us awards within a year of our companies runtime. When we're not mulling over developing our collective skills as a team, you'll find us Vive-ing and competing to games in our HTC Vive experience zone.

We haven't been doing this long enough to have grey hair, but we intend to keep doing it until we have lost every little speck of grey. We could yap on for pages about what we do, but we'd recommend you to come experience Liminal!

Say Hi

If you are looking for a Virtual Reality partner? Lets work together. Drop us a line or just say hello. Or you can just come over to have the best doughnuts in Mumbai.

Disclaimer: None of these messages are read by our team. They are read by Pesto and Kenny, the five inch tall space aliens who live under our desks. In return for this, we have given them permission to eat any dust bunnies they may find under there.