This Is Our Story..
Join Us On Our Journey.

Who we are

In 2015, when the world had just started to transition into the realm of VR, a group of VR and AR evangelists from varied backgrounds came to a notion of a different kind of a digital studio. Our journey begun with a common zest for storytelling and love for technology.
We are Liminal, we are a boutique studio with a big appetite for creativity, we believe in what we do, and we love working with clients who are as passionate as us in achieving the very best outcomes.

Creative Emotions

Our vision has always been to create emotional connections between the audience and the experiences. For us, every new opportunity is the chance to create something memorable and unique.
For every project that we undertake, we hand pick the best team of experts who work along with our team of VR and AR specialists to bring you the most creative and professional solutions to fit your brief.

What we do

Liminal offers services dealing with innovative digital media marketing, brand awareness and communication in the form of virtual reality experiences and augmented reality applications, creating value for our clients by engagement.
Our specialized team of storytellers, artists, and technologists who have dedicated themselves to create immersive experiences that thrill, amaze and engage. We have been empowering brands, products, and services through extraordinary stories in Virtual Reality. As well as reforming exchange of information and knowledge with our interactive augmented reality applications.

Vision & Mission

At Liminal our vision is to tether technology with the power of storytelling, we believe that VR is an apparatus for empathy, with a potential to revolutionize the way we consume media. AR as an ultimate tool that will shape the future of retail, education, tourism, and communication with the rise of powerful smartphone technology.

We make sure each project we handle are visually enthralling and technically proficient helping the company work towards its mission : “to accelerate the world’s transition to immersive media.”

Here are a few basic rules we comply with