Augmented Reality – Redefining the Event space

AR-What event organizer must know

With Augmented Reality proving to be big in the world of technology, it is important to know how it could impact the event planning industry.

What is Augmented Reality?

Firstly, what exactly is AR? The technical answer is that it’s a live view of a real-world environment with additional computer-generated information overlaid onto it. This might include sound effects, videos, images or location data, but the important thing is that it results in the surrounding world becoming interactive for the user.

Why Should Event Planners Care?

Now you may be wondering, what does AR have to do with event planning? With so much potential, AR has the ability to change the way we discuss, attend, and interact at events.

Yeats, an experienced event professional, realizes the potential that AR offer. Not only will this play a big role in the event tech space, but more so, it will allow attendees to garner more fulfilling experiences.

So the question among event professionals are how can AR be best used at events? We take a look at the various usages of AR.

Augmented Reality at Exhibition

Imagine if you are holding an automobile exhibition and obviously, there is a limitation in terms of availability of space. The creative usage of Augmented Reality combined with tablet devices and accompanying custom app could help bring a different showroom experience to the automobile exhibition, and make it interactive for the audience. The below video from Volkswagen is a good example of how AR can be used for car showrooms.

Augmented Reality with Gamification/Product Marketing

Coca cola did an AR app to engage the consumers of their beverages through gamification. The amount of eyeballs generated from the app and the interaction was simply overwhelming and was a really unique concept back then when it was first launched.

Using innovative targets to trigger AR – Walls and Carpets

Event planners have been finding new ways to trigger AR, one of the innovative ways is to use a custom made carpet or a Wall which can be used as a target to trigger AR. This enables the organizer to accumulate the crowd to specific areas at the venue which can be used to engage and interact with the attendees and exchange information.

This also creates a long lasting impact on the attendee and helps them get a deeper understanding and connection with the brand, product or service being promoted.

AR for Real-Estate Events and Expos

AR gives the possibility to place the new building at the foot or around of the potential client – like it was really there. One can walk around it, zoom in, zoom out, can discover not just the static surrounding but the animated parts, which makes the content a lot more real. Moving cars, flying clouds, lights switched on – all of these are possible with AR.

Moving Forward

Augmented reality present great new opportunities for event organizers to create truly novel experiences that capture the hearts and minds of event attendees. Current, people are excited by these new experiences and are eager to try them.

Event organizers should think about how they can design event experiences that can help attendees to engage with one another, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors more effectively and in many cases, it seems that these new pieces of tech can help.

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